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The main roads on Milos is in good condition and the traffic is minimal. Distances on the island are short, so you get on with scooter as well as with car. But if you are planning to explore the southwest of Milos - where the roads are in poor condition - a car is preferable.

Car rental places are in Adamas, Plaka and Pollonia
, while scooter rental places are only in Adamas and Plaka. Many scooter rental places are minute, they are not happy to let out if you do not have a motorcycle driving license. If you are denied in one place, it can pay to ask someone else.

You can go to several beaches and villages by bus. Adamas, Plaka and Pollonia has the best connections.

Taxis are a very good alternative to the bus
. To this must be added that taxis gives you the opportunity to go to places where busses not are running. It is no problem to make an arrangement with the taxi to pick you up at an agreed time.

Excursion boat around Milos..

Excursion boat around Milos. Photo from Kleftiko.

Excursion boat to Sarakiniko.

You must in any case make a boat excursion. Photo from Sarakiniko.

A tour around Milos is something that you should not miss, you get to see and experience some amazing places and I can promise you a memory for life. I have made many tours around islands in my life, but nothing, and I mean nothing, comes even close to the boat tour around Milos.

Excursion boats starts out from Adamas and they runs every day. There are several boats to choose from, including a small catamaran and a couple of sailboats. Personally, I prefer the slightly larger boats. The advantage of going with the smaller boats is that you come closer to the attractions. No matter which boat you choose, you will visit about the same places: Vani, Sikia, Kleftiko (swimming), Tsigrado (possibly swimming), Kalamos (possibly swimming), Paliorema, Kimolos (two hours for lunch), Glaronissa, Papafragas, Kapros, Sarakiniko, Firopotamos, Plathenia (possibly swimming), Arkoudes and Klima. The tour takes about nine hours including lunch on Kimolos. A piece of good advice: do not wait, go as soon as you can, because if the wind is rising, which is not unusual in the Cyclades, the boat tours is cancelled.

You can travel independently to Kimolos on a daytrip. Read more about that here.

Sea Kayak Milos offers excursions by kayak around Milos and Kimolos
. One will come so much closer than from an excursion boat. Besides you can choose where to stop for a swim. Read more on the website of Sea Kayak Milos.


Do not miss a day trip to the small cozy Kimolos.

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