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Adamas, also known as Adamanta (the diamond), is the centre of Milos, the main port and largest tourist resort. The village has a sheltered location in the horseshoe-liked inland sea made by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. Therefore the port of Adamas is classed among one of the best natural harbours in the Cyclades.

Adamas is quite small, it does not take long to get to know the village. Most of the activity take place around the port and at the pleasant seafront esplanade lined with shops, tavernas and cafes. I have no particular favourite taverna. If I have to choose one, it's Taverna Flisvos.

West of the port of Adamas lies the small beach of Lagada. Nothing to write home about, but it is great if you just want to take an evening or morning swim. Adjacent to the beach are several hotels and pensions. Just east of Adamas lies Papikinou beach which is a much better beach than Lagada.

It is in Adamas as most of the tourists stays
, and therefore the village offers a nice range of hotels.

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Adamas early in the morning.

Adamas and Lagada beach.

Adamas and Lagada beach.

Seafront esplanade in Adamas

Part of the seafront esplanade in Adamas.

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