Papafragas and Kapros on Milos

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The amazing Papafragas lies about midway between Adamas and Pollonia. It's a short little ravine with strange rocks and turquoise green water. Here are rocks, caves and a small sandy beach strips. The rock is lapping when the seas are rough. It is not easy to get down to the water. To the right of the parking lot lies a quite useless pebble beach where one can swim to the cave beaches on the other side of the cliff.

Filakopi, near to Papafragas, is considered to be one of the most important prehistoric settlements in the Cyclades. It is believed that people lived here as early as 1550-1100 BC. There is not much left of the settlements today: some defensive walls, a building with remnants of murals and a shrine.

Unfortunately everything is mostly in ruins and is perhaps most interesting for archaeologists. But you can still go here if you're in the hooks for a swim at Papafragas.

Shortly before Papafragas lies Kapros (see photo to the ritght). Also here it is the strange rock formations that attracts. You can swim off the small beaches and the rocks. Kapros is almost as awesome as Papafragas.

Kapros. Milos.

Kapros close to Papafragas.

Papafragas. Milos.


Swim at Papafragas.

Papafragas lies midway between Adamas and Pollonia.

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