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Klima lies below the village of Tripiti about 4 kilometres northwest of Adamas. Just above Klima lies the ancient theatre, the catacombs and the place where the Venus de Milo was found. That is why it is believed that Klima was Milos' ancient fishing port.

Klima is a unique village that is considered to be the most picturesque village on Milos. Klima is different from all other villages on the island, there are few roads, almost every house lies just a few meters from the water and it is not unusual that the waves comes all the way up to the houses. Many of the beautiful boathouses in Klima have been turned into summer houses.

Klima is best viewed from the sea, then you will get a better view of the colourful houses, but the village is of course also worth visiting by land. There is no taverna in Klima, which is a pity because the location and the surroundings would really have been perfect. But there is a large taverna shortly before reaching Klima.

If you go on a boat excursion around Milos, you will have good chance to see Klima from the boat, the boats usually stops here.

Klima. Milos.


Boathouses in Klima.

The beautiful boathouses in Klima.

Klima and Tripiti. Milos.

Klima seen from the sea. The village Tripiti visible above. The picture was taken during a boat trip around Milos.

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