Plaka on Milos

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Plaka is the capital of Milos, located about 4 kilometres north of Adamas. That it is the island's capital is a bit strange because Adamas is so much bigger and busier. Plaka has about 750 permanent inhabitants and Adamas has about 1,350.

Plaka stands on high ground and offers an admirable view from the hill that descend abruptly to Klima. Plaka is a fine sample of a Cycladic village: narrow alleys lined with whitewashed houses with coloured doors and windows and cosy tavernas with tables and chairs in the small squares and alleys.

Many who stays overnight in Adamas go to Plaka to watch the sunset and to enjoy a delicious dinner afterwards. The sunset is best seen from the old castle (Kastro) on the hill above the village. Climb up to the church at the top and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Greek islands.

You can stay the night, or several nights, instead of going from Adamas to see the famous sunset.

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Flowers in Plaka

There are plenty of beautiful flowers in Plaka.

Plaka. Milos.


Tavernas in Plaka. Milos.

One of several cozy tavernas in Plaka. It is just four kilometers from Adamas to Plaka.

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