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Ikaria is not a typical island for package-tourism. It might be possible to go on a package holiday from some countries, check with a travel agency in your country. But do not despair, it is as easy as pie to travel independently to Ikaria.

The absolutely easiest way is to fly to Samos and travel on by ferry to Ikaria. You can also go by air to Athens and fly on to Ikaria by domestic flight. I prefer to fly to Samos, partly because I like Samos, partly because I think that it is nicer to start and end an island hopping on an island.

Ikaria has daily air connection with Athens. The flight takes about 50 minutes. The airport lies close to Faros about 12 kilometres northeast of Agios Kirikos.

There are no airport buses so you will have to go by taxi.

The port in Agios Kirikos.

The port in Agios Kirikos.

The port in Evdilos.

The port in Evdilos.

Ikaria has good ferry connections with Samos, and with the neighbouring island of Fourni. There are also ferry connections with Athens' port at Piraeus, as well as with Chios, Lesvos and Limnos north of Ikaria. Ikaria also has ferry service to and from Mykonos and Syros in the Cyclades. The ferries from Samos goes both from Samos town (Vathy) and Karlovassi, which is Samos' second largest port. Samos town is much nicer than Karlovassi, so go from there if you can choose.

Note that there are two ports on Ikaria: Agios Kirikos and Evdilos. If you are going to Armenistis the nearest port is Evdilos, if you arrive at Agios Kirikos the taxi to Armenistis takes about 1.45 h and costs between 60-70 €.

The ferry connections can change from year to year, some years there are ferry connections with Patmos and Lipsi, check the timetable.

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