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There are many villages, if not to say very many villages, only in the municipality of Raches it is said to be 27 villages. Fortunately, not all of them are interesting, so you do not have to rush around to tick off villages like ornithologists tick off birds.

Agios Kirikos and Evdilos are the two largest villages, while Armenistis and Nas are the two main tourist resorts. Many of the villages were built at the time when pirates ravaged the Aegean sea, that is why they were built in inaccessible places that were difficult to detect, and slates were used as material to make the detection even more difficult. In fact, some villages are even difficult to detect today, even if one has a map.

Another thing that characterizes Ikaria's villages is that almost non are adapted for tourists, exceptions are Armenistis and Nas, but neither of them are particularly touristy. Below you will find information about nine villages.

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