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Lipsi in Greece

Lipsi in Swedish.

Lipsi belongs to the Dodecanese islands and is located between Samos and Kos. Here live about 790 permanent inhabitants spread over 17 km2. Almost everyone live in Lipsi Village. The highest mountain measuring 277 meters above sea level. Nearest neighbouring island is Leros.

Before I wanted to rename this part of the Greek archipelago to The Small Dodecanese. It's not as strange as it sounds, in the Cyclades are a group of four small islands unofficially called The Small Cyclades, so why could not Agathonissi, Arki, Lipsi and Marathi be called The Small Dodecanese.


The cozy little island of Lipsi between Patmos and Leros in Greece.

An early morning in Lipsi village.


The islands - between Samos and Leros - are small both in area and in number of inhabitants. Marathi is the smallest, followed by Arki, Agathonissi and Lipsi. Lipsi is not only the biggest, it is also the island that is most tourist-developed, Lipsi feels like a metropolis compared to Agathonissi, Arki and Marathi. In order not to confuse it, I did not create one more unofficial group of islands.


Platys Gialos beach is the best beach on Lipsi in the Dodecanese.

Lipsi is a very laid-back island, as here at Platys Gialos beach.


Lipsi is flat, small and overlooked, Lipsi is blessed with a great charm, sleepy pace, genuine Greek everyday life, friendly islanders and pleasant tavernas serving excellent Greek home cooking. Unfortunately, there are not many people who have discovered it. But it is not strange why so few choose to travel here, the island is very small and it do not happen much in a day that has not already happened the day before. Some people appreciate the relaxing atmosphere, others get stressed of it.


Sitting in an ouzeria restaurant and eating good Greek food is the island of Lipsi in a nutshell.

Lipsi in a nutshell: sit at a ouzeria in the evening and enjoy life and peace and quiet.

If you are looking for an island where you can go shopping, stroll around and look at other tourists or to take an exotic drink in a cool bar, then Lipsi is not for you. If you on the other hand are looking for a tranquil, peaceful "laid-back island" you have come to the right place. In short, Lipsi is perfect for "small-island-lovers" who can amuse themselves, for example with a walk to a beach with a beach taverna and sit and read all day. How does that sound? If you answer that it sounds lovely, just go, you will not be disappointed. If Lipsi unlikely do not appeal to you, you are close to other well-known islands like Patmos, Leros and Samos.


The beach in Katsadia is one of Leros' best beaches and Taverna Dialaila is one of the island's best restaurants.

In Katsadia there is a small beach and Taverna Dialaila which is one of the island's best.


It is said that the islanders of Lipsi are more religious than they are on other islands. And perhaps there is a grain of truth to it: I have not seen so many churches and chapels in such a small area on no other island I've been to. They are everywhere, to take a photo of a general view without getting a church in the picture is almost impossible.


The cute little fishing port in Lipsi village.

The cute little fishing port in Lipsi village.


The island revive on August 24 when one of the Dodecanese's largest religious festivals are celebrated. People are not only travelling from the neighbouring islands to Lipsi, many come all the way from Australia and New Zealand to be at the party. Because a party it certainly is, despite the fact that the day begins as a religious festival with icon processions and humming priests. The celebration goes on the whole evening and night with food, wine, live music and dancing.


The beaches on Lipsi in the Dodecanese are small but nice, like here on Liendou and Kambos beaches.

The beaches are small but good. The picture is from Liendou in Lipsi village.


The reason why people are travelling all the way from the other side of the globe is because many islanders of Lipsi emigrated to Australia and New Zealand in the sixties, when large parts of Greece fell into decay with poverty as a result. So do not be surprised if you hear Greeks speaking fluent English with an Australian accent.


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Getting here is easy. It is possible to go on a package holiday from some countries, check with a travel agency in your country. If it is not possible to go on a package holiday from your country, it is still easy to travel to Lipsi. The easiest way is to go by air to Samos and travel on by ferry from Pythagorion. The second best option is to take the plane to Kos and continue by ferry from there. Scooters can be rented, but you can not rent a car.

Lipsi's only village is practical enough also called Lipsi. From the port to the village runs a small seafront esplanade lined with tavernas. The big meeting point in the village is the square. In the square there is a taverna and a kafenion, both are very nice. Starting from the square, you can head out to explore the alleys.


From Lipsi you can take an unforgettable boat trip to the islands of White Island, Arki and Marathi.

Don't miss a boat trip to the islands of White Island, Arki and Marathi.


The island's beaches are of good quality, but do not expect to be met by long paradise beaches with powdery white sand, sunbeds and umbrellas. My favourite beaches are Platys Gialos (see picture at the top of the page) and Katsadia. The beaches closest to the village are Liendou and Kambos. Other beaches are Kohlakura, Tourkomnima and Monodendri.

There are no material sights, just sensuous, like to sit down at a taverna and read a book and look out over the sea. But if you are crazy interested in churches and chapels, you've come to the right island.

Almost all hotels and pensions lies in the port, along the seafront and in Lipsi Village. There are also accommodations at the beaches of Liendou and Kambos. You are usually met by room owners when you disembark at the port.


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