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It is a pleasure to discover Ikaria by private car or scooter. The scenery is magnificent, and you will never stop being surprised by the wonderful views. Best of all is that the traffic is minimal, so you can look around even when you are the driver. The main roads are in good condition, but it is just the other way round with the many small roads that cross the island in all directions. It is worst east of Nas where the roads are really bad. I've driven there several times - both by car and by scooter - and every time I have said that it is for the last time. NOTE! The roads east of Nas were paved in the summer of 2017.

Car is undoubtedly the best option
since the distances are long and the small roads in the mountains are in bad condition. Car and scooter rental places are available in Agios Kirikos, Armenistis, Evdilos, Gialiskari and Nas. Before you set off you need a good map. You need a map to plan your tour, but also to locate you, as many road signs are in Greek.

The bus was previously something of a mystery
, everyone talked about it, but nobody had seen it. Much like the Flying Dutchman. But nowadays it seems that it exist, and it runs - on schedule, but nog very often. All bus service starts out from Agios Kirikos. There are several buses daily to and from Therma, Evdilos, Christos Raches, Armenistis and Nas.

Taxis are a good alternative if you do not want to drive, and a must if you arrive by ferry late at night. Most often the taxis have fixed rates.

Bus on Ikaria.

The bus makes a rare visit to Armenistis.

Tunnel to Manganitis

There are roads that you will like a lot. As the tunnel to Manganitis.

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