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Before travelling to Ikaria you should decide where on the island you want to stay. Partly it has to do with that there are two ports on the island, partly because it is a large island. The majority of the foreign tourists stay in Armenistis for the simple reason that it is close to good beaches and great hiking trails.

Another alternative is Nas a few kilometres from Armenistis. In Nas it is calm and quiet, and should you ever write your memoirs, then Nas is a good place to do it. Agios Kirikos is an excellent choice for those who want to experience the Greek everyday life. I prefer to stay in Armenistis.

I have never seen any letter of rooms in the port when I have arrived to Ikaria. It is best to book in advance, something we always do when we're travelling to Ikaria. If you want to book ahead, as most do nowadays, you can find links to selected hotels and pensions below.

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Book Valeta Studios »

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