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Ikaria's biggest attractions are the beautiful scenery and the dramatic and hiking friendly landscape. Unique to Ikaria are the so-called anti-pirate houses that were built as protection against the pirates who once ravaged the Mediterranean. Other attractions are all beautiful monasteries, churches and chapels, not least the remarkable monastery of Theoktistis. If you are interested in Greek mythology, then the name Ikaria is most likely an attraction, it comes from Icarus, the guy who flew too close to the sun and plunged on Ikaria.

Personally, I think that Ikaria's main attraction is not of a material quality, but more to the philosophical quality - namely Ikaria itself. A good wine is also good to philosophise over. And why not take the opportunity to do it on Ikaria.

In the village of Pigi, near the Monastery of Theoktistis, lies a winery where you can taste and buy local wines. Ikarianwine Club - the name of the company behind the winery - also organizes courses in cooking and wine tasting. Read more about this on their website:

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