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Mykonos is one of the most easily accessible islands in Greece. Almost all major package-holiday operators arrange trips here, the domestic airlines are well-developed and the boat connections are among the best you can imagine. So whether you chose to travel organized or independently, it's never far to Mykonos.

As Mykonos is one of the top destinations in Greece it is possible to go on a package-holiday from many countries, check with a tour operator in your country.

Of course it is easiest to fly directly to Mykonos. If you are lucky, it is possible to go by international flight or to buy a spare seat on a charter flight from your country, check with a tour operator in your country. The second best option is to go by air to Athens and travel on by domestic flight or by ferry.

The airport is located just west of Mykonos Town. There is an infrequent airport bus. If the airport bus does not fit your times you can take a taxi, it costs between 15 and 20 € to go by taxi to the town.

The big port north of Mykonos Town.

The big port north of Mykonos Town.

Cruise boats in the port.

There are usually many cruise boats in the port.

Several daily departures to and from Athens. The domestic and the international flights runs to and from the same airport, both in Mykonos and in Athens. Mykonos also has air connections with Thessaloniki, Santorini, Crete and Rhodes, but not as often as to Athens

Daily boat connection with Athens' two largest ports at Piraeus and Rafina. Mykonos also has daily boat connections with Andros, Syros and Tinos. And quite good boat connections with Paros, Naxos and other islands in the Cyclades, as well as with Ikaria and Samos.

There are two ports in Mykonos: one in Mykonos Town and a relatively newly built port a few kilometres outside the town. Almost all ferries calls at the new port. There is bus service between the new port and the town, if you can not wait for the bus, you can take a taxi, it only costs around 4 € by taxi. There is a simple café in the new port and nearby are some tavernas.

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