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It is no problem to find a place to stay by yourself, except during high season when you should pre-book. Letter of rooms usually meet up all ferries in the port. Where to stay on Lipsi is a matter of taste. I think it is best to stay at one of the pensions above the port. The view is nice and you will have full control of all ferries. A pleasure as good as any.

Accommodation is also available along the seafront esplanade, inside the village, and at the beaches of Liendou and Kambos. We usually stay at Galini, which is a simple pension with lovely views of the sea. Unfortunately, all rooms do not have views, the best rooms are number three and four, followed by room number two. Several of the readers of Kalimera (the Swedish version of Kalispera) have praised Studio Poseidon, so we will try it the next time we travel to Lipsi.

If you want to book in advance, as most do nowadays, you find links to selected accommodation below. The links goes to which is the booking site that most people use.

Galini. Lipsi.

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