Katsadia beach on Lipsi

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Katsadia, south of Lipsi Village, do not differ notably from the island's other beaches. One may think that they are cast in the same mould: narrow, short and lined with tamarisk trees. Katsadia beach is no exception. I'll be honest, the beach of Katsadia is quite mediocre.

Although the beach is mediocre you should definitely go there, partly for the nice surroundings, partly to eat lunch at Taverna Dialaila that may serve the archipelago's best Greek salad full of capers and feta cheese of the best kind. Be prepared for long waiting times on the weekends when the islanders come to eat lunch. It is only a few meters to the sea so you can go for a swim while waiting. Previously there were two tavernas at the beach, the older of them had to close down because of the owners' great age. Otherwise, it was also a fantastic taverna.

Expect it to take about 20 minutes to walk to Katsadia. The walk is entertaining, passing through a beautiful agricultural landscape with bleating goats, clucking chickens and braying donkeys. You can also go by bus from Lipsi Village.

Taverna Dialaila at Katsadia beach.

Taverna Dialaila at Katsadia beach.

Katsadia beach.

Katsadia beach.

Katsadia beach. Lipsi.

The beautiful surroundings at Katsadia beach. The beach seen from the sea can you see here »

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