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From most countries you have to travel independently to Lipsi. But it is possible to go on a package holiday from some countries, check with a travel agency in your country. Laskarina was an English tour operator that provided holidays to Lipsi an other small Greek islands. Unfortunately Laskarina closed down in 2007 when the founder died. It is a pity that they do not exist anymore, because the tour operator was important to Lipsi and other small Greek islands like Telendos and Chalki.

Although there is no airport, it is relatively easy to travel to Lipsi and the reason is its proximity to the popular islands of Kos and Samos.

The absolutely easiest way to get to Lipsi is to go by air to Samos. From the airport of Samos you take a taxi to Pythagorion (4 km) and from there you continue by ferry to Lipsi. There are usually plenty of available taxis outside the airport terminal. Ferry tickets can be bought in any of the travel agencies on the main street in Pythagorion, or at the ticket booth in the port.

Another option is to go by air to Kos. From the airport of Kos you take a taxi to Kos Town and from there you travel on by ferry to Lipsi.

Port on Lipsi.

The port on Lipsi.

Nisos Kalymnos.

The closest domestic airports are on Leros and Samos.

Unfortunately the ferry connections have become slightly poorer in recent years. But since summer 2017 they have become better again. Now their is also ferry connections with Fourni, Ikaria and Patmos. Check the time table when planning your trip.

The lifeline in this part of the Greek archipelago is called Nisos Kalymnos. Nisos Kalymnos is a small car ferry with its home port on Kalymnos, she sails the same route all year around: Kalymnos, Leros, Lipsi, Patmos, Arki, Agathonissi and Samos, where she turns and sails the same way back. Do not expect that Nisos Kalymnos runs on schedule, but you can bet that she sails in (almost) any weather. It takes a lot to make Nisos Kalymnos to stay in port.

Anna Express is another small local ferry and she operates the route Lipsi to Kalymnos to Leros.

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