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Leros is a small island, and the distances are short. If you are not planning to do any longer tours, you just as well get by with Shanks's pony. From Agia Marina, it is about 2 kilometres to Alinda, and about the same distance to Panteli.

If you want to look around
, you can rent a car or a scooter in Agia Marina, Alinda, Lakki or Panteli. Since the distances are so short you manage just as well with a scooter as by car. You have time to see the whole island in one day. We usually rent a scooter at Motoland which has offices in Alinda and Panteli.

The bus start out from Platanos and ply on Alinda, Agia Marina, Lakki and Xerokambos.

Many choose to go by taxi instead of the bus. It is pretty cheap as it is never far to anything. It feels like taxis are everywhere. If you should not find any taxi you can call 22470-23070.

The excursion boat Barbarossa in Agia Marina port

The excursion boat Barbarossa in Agia Marina port.

White Island. Leros. Lipsi.

You can go by excursion boat to White Island.

You can go on a day trip to the small archipelago outside Leros with the beautiful boat Barbarossa
. The archipelago consists of many small islands and it is very pleasant to chug around in it. The boat makes different tours every day and start out from Agia Marina. No matter which of the tours you choose, you get a lovely day at sea. Barbarossa goes to five islands, three are inhabited: Arki, Lipsi and Marathi, and two are uninhabited: Makronissi and Aspronissi (White Island). Stops for swimming is usually done at Makronissi, Aspronissi and Tiganaki bay at Arki. Lunch (not included) are usually eaten on Lipsi or Marathi.

Preferably choose a tour where Marathi is included. Marathi is so small to the surface that it is hardly possible to measure and it is Greece's least inhabited island. If you choose a tour that included Lipsi, I recommend you to go on the tour that goes to Platys Gialos where Kostas Taverna is located.

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Platys Gialos on Lipsi.

The excursion boat also goes to Platys Gialos on Lipsi.

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