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It is a great pleasure to discover Karpathos independently by car or scooter, the larger roads are in very good condition and traffic is minimal. If you do not want to drive by yourself, you can choose between bus, taxi and excursion boat.

You can go to all villages and to most of the island's beaches by your own vehicle, the larger roads are paved, there are just the absolute smallest roads that are surfaced with gravel.

The distance to Olympos has been in very poor condition for many years, and sometimes directly lethal, the work on broaden and asphalt the distance proceeded for many years. The last kilometres was completed in 2013, and today it is no problem to drive to Olympia.

If you do not want to go over the mountains, you can bring the scooter on board the boat to Diafani and go to Olympos from there. Car and scooter rental places are in Pigadia, Amopi and Lefkos.

Karpathos offers very beautiful views.

Karpathos offers very beautiful views. (Apela).

Excursion boats in the port of Pigadia.

Excursion boats in the port of Pigadia.

The bus ply to some of the most popular beaches and to all the villages on the island
, also to Olympos. During the summer, Pigadia has daily bus connection with: Amopi, Apela, Aperi, Arkasa, Finiki, Kyra Panagia, Lefkos, Menetes, Mesochori, Volada, Othos and Pyles. The best connection is with Amopi. Bus timetables are posted at the bus stops.

Taxis are relatively inexpensive
. Some rough price examples: Pigadia-Amopi: € 13 , Pigadia-Lefkos: 55 €, Pigadia-Othos 20 €. The taxi station in Pigadia lies on Odos Demokratias not far from the centre of the waterfront. Telephone number to the taxi station: 22450-22705.

Excursion boats to Achata, Kyra Panagia, Apella, as well as to some smaller beaches departs every morning from the port of Pigadia. If you go to the port the evening before, you can check out which tours are available the following day. You can also buy the tickets in the evening. Boat trips to Olympos also departs every morning from the port of Pigadia. The tour includes the bus ride from the port of Diafani to Olympos, and of course back again. The tour operators also offer tours to Olympos, and usually they includes a guide.

Excursion boat in Kato Lakos.

Excursion boat in Kato Lakos.

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