Kato Lakos beach on Karpathos

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Kato Lakos lies between Achata and Kyra Panagia. It is a fantastic beach with crystal clear water and shockingly beautiful surroundings. We asked our landlord when we were on Karpathos the second time if he knew of any beach that we had not been to. He asked if we had been to Kato Lakos, and the answer was no. Then you must go there because it is a sensationally beautiful beach. He was right, it was a fantastic beach!

The serpent in the Garden of Eden is that Kato Lakos is difficult to get to, and that is the reason that not so many know of the beach. The easiest way is to go by beach boat from Pigadia (the beach is also called Yiannis Paradise). If you are going by beach boat it generally include lunch. There is no taverna, if you go here on your own, you will have to bring your own food and drinks.

To get to Kato Lakos by your own vehicle just go towards Kyra Panagia, a short distance down on the winding road there is a turn-off to the right. (Check the map so you do not miss it.) The gravel road goes all the way down to the beach, but it is in very poor condition so I recommend no one to drive the whole way down. However, it is possible to drive a short distance, park your car or scooter, and walk the last way. It takes between 10-15 minutes to walk. Do not miss!

Beach boat at Kato Lakos beach.

Beach boat at Kato Lakos beach.

View over Kato Lakos.

View over Kato Lakos.

The big beach in Kato Lakos. Karpathos.

The big beach in Kato Lakos.

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