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Amopi is in a proper sense not a real village, rather a flourishing small tourist resort with tavernas, hotels and a mini market. Several package holidaymakers choose Amopi instead of Pigadia. Largely it depends on the nearness of good beaches and that it is "commuting" distance to Pigadia. Busses runs the 7 kilometres several times a day every day of the week. Taxis cost around 13 €. ATM are available since June 2017.

There are three beaches to choose from at Amopi. The beach to the right of the peninsula with the church of Agii Apostoli, is quite a good beach, off the beach is a rocky island that is possible to swim to. The right beach is composed of pebbles mixed with pea-gravel. See a picture of the beach here. The beach to the left of the peninsula is a beautiful relatively shallow sandy beach with sparkling clear and inviting water. A family beach, in other words. Further to the left is a small beach known as Mikri Amopi. Above Mikri Amopi is a taverna with the same name.

Do you want to be a little by yourself, follow the coast as far east you can, there are two tiny beaches, as well as a really small strip of beach adjacent to a cool cave.

Almost everyone who stays in Amopi
have their accommodation arranged beforehand since most who stay here overnight have travelled on a package-holiday. But there is a lot to choose from even if you are travelling independently. Book hotels in Amopi here »

Mikri Amopi. Karpathos.

Mikri Amopi.

The beach in Amopi. Karpathos.

One of the beaches in Amopi.

Ammopi beach. Karpathos.

Another of the beaches in Amopi.

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