Achata beach on Karpathos

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Achata beach is one of four very nice beaches north of Pigadia. The other beaches are Kato Lakos, Apella and Kyra Panagia. Which one that is best depends on who you ask. However, everyone agree with that all four have extremely beautiful settings.

Achata lies about 12 kilometres from Pigadia. If you go with your own vehicle, turn right just before Aperi (there is a signpost). From the intersection it is about 5 kilometres to the beach. The beach lies between two high mountains, surrounded by bright blue water.

Personally, I think that Achata is one of Karpathos' most beautiful beaches, after Apella and Kato Lakos. The beach is quite small and pebbled. During the high season it may become crowded. There are two tavernas.

It is possible to go by beach boat from Pigadia. Check in the port for updated timetables.

Achata beach.

Achata beach.

Achata is one of Karpathos beautiful beaches.

Achata is one of Karpathos beautiful beaches.

Wonderful Achata beach.

Wonderful Achata beach.

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