Apella beach on Karpathos

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Apella is the last of the wonderful beaches north of Pigadia. It is one of the most picturesque beaches I have seen in Greece. My head is all in a whirl when I think about how beautiful the beach is. All respect to the beaches of Porto Katsiki on Lefkada, Myrtos on Kefalonia and Katergo on Folegandros, but now you have met your match.

I do not know how many times I have admired the view over the beach from above. Amazing is really an understatement! When you are approaching a beach that looks lovely and inviting from above the appearances are many times deceptive. But not Apella, which fulfil all expectations, even if you from the road believe that you see an illusion. The water is among the most alluring I have ever experienced. The sand is light and perfectly fine-grained. Bring your snorkel and mask.

From the taverna above the beach, the views over both the beach and the sea is almost meditative.

The most striking way to approach Apella is by land. The last 2.5 kilometres were previously a little tricky to drive, but happily the road has been paved, and now it is a cinch to get down. If you do not want to go by your own, you just go by bus or by beach boat from Pigadia.

Apella beach.

Apela on Karpathos.

Apella beach is beautiful from every angle.

Apella beach. Karpathos.

Apella beach. Could it be any more beautiful than this!

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