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Lefkos on Karpathos

Lefkos is, in my opinion, the best tourist resort on Karpathos. However, most people do not agree with me, almost everyone think that Pigadia and Amopi is better. Most people think that Lefkos is too quiet, too small and lies too far away. And that's just what I like. :-)


The small village of Lefkos with four fine sandy beaches on Karpathos in Greece.

The beach in wonderful Lefkos in one direction.


Lefkos lies on the western coast of Karpathos. From Pigadia it is between 33-38 kilometres (depending on which way you choose) to Lefkos, and from the airport even longer. You can drive via the east coast or via the west coast. Before you arrive at Lefkos, you can make a detour down to the pebbled beach of Potali. The beach is fairly undeveloped, but there are hotels and tavernas.


The beaches of Lefkos and Potali on Karpathos in Greece.

View of Potali beach and Lefkos.


Potali beach near Lefkos on Karpathos.

Potali beach near Lefkos.


If you drive via the west coast you will pass by a small beach called Adia. Above the beach lies a restaurant and pension named Pine Tree Restaurant. Here you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, or just have a lazy time with a cold beer in the large hammock. The beach is nothing to boast about, big pebbles and it is difficult to get into the water. (Do not confuse the "Pine Tree Restaurant" with Taverna Under The Trees which lies further south.)


The beach in Lefkos on Karpathos.

The beach in Lefkos in the other direction.

When you look out over Lefkos the first time, you might raise your eyebrows. It is an incredibly beautiful view you are met by. The fabulous beach stretches along the entire bay, above lies inviting tavernas and pensions. The beach is child friendly and ideal for small children.


The beach in Lefkos on Karpathos is very child-friendly and is also perfect for small children.

The beach is very child-friendly and is also perfect for small children.


Where the beach ends lies a small fishing port, often the fishermen sits here and mend their yellow nets. We always eat lunch at Restaurant Blue Sea farthest away, just before the fishing port. You can sit here any amount of time, and enjoy good food and beautiful views.


Restaurant Blue Sea in Lefkos on Karpathos.

Restaurant Blue Sea in Lefkos.


Lefkos was a small picturesque fishing village with a few houses before the tourists discovered Karpathos. Today, the fishermen belongs to a minority group, tourism has taken over almost completely. But you must say that Lefkos of today still is quite picturesque thanks to the village's smallness. If you choose to stay in Lefkos you will get a quiet and restful holiday. The beaches are nice and the tavernas are quite enough so you will not weary of them. The only thing missing is a supermarket with large range. ATM are available.


If you like snorkeling, there are several good snorkelling places in Lefkos on Karpathos.

If you like snorkeling, there are several good snorkeling places.


If you round the point of land where the first beach stop you will reach two more beaches, one small beach, and one larger. The beaches are separated by a tombolo with bathing-places with rocks. Do you like to snorkel, it is around the tombolo you should do it. Also above these beaches are tavernas and hotels.


Snorkeling on Karpathos in Greece.

Parts of Lefkos are extremely snorkel friendly.


The small nice beach in Lefkos on Karpathos.

The small beach that lies before the peninsula.

Nice beautiful sandy beaches in Lefkos on Karpathos in Greece.

The large beach located after the peninsula.


Frangolimnionas in Lefkos on Karpathos in Greece.

Same beach as above.


Best place to snorkel in Lefkos on Karpathos.

Lefkos seen from the small peninsula.



You can travel on a package-holiday to Lefkos from several countries, and therefore are some of the rooms already booked up. But there are plenty of accommodation options even for those travelling independently. Hotels and pensions are both in Lefkos and at Potali beach. Below are suggestions for good hotels in Lefkos.

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Don't miss the mountain village of Mesochori when you travel to Lefkos on Karpathos.

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