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More beaches in Skopelos

Apart from the beaches I write about here, there are many more to browse among. But no one comes up in quite the same class, like for example Limonari or Hovolo. Well, possibly Adrina beach between Panormos and Milia.


Skopelos Town beach

Skopelos Town beach.



Most people who travel to Skopelos stays in Skopelos Town. Unfortunately there is no good beach in or near the town. The beach of Skopelos Town is mediocre, the best part of the beach is so far away one can go, outside Sophie Studios & Apartments.

A few kilometres north of the town lies Glyfoneri beach which is a better option. A few more kilometres north is Glisteri beach which is a pretty decent pebble beach. If you stay in Skopelos Town, the best option is to go by bus to Stafilos beach only about 5 kilometres away.


Glisteri beach. Skopelos.

Glisteri beach.

North of Elios are two acceptable beaches named Armenopetra and Kalives. Northeast of Glossa lies Chondrogiorgis beach and Perivoli beach. The last-mentioned is the nicest of these beaches.


Adrina beach. Skopelos.

Adrina beach between Panormos and Milia.


Adrina beach lies a little bit out-of-the-way and it is almost not visible from the road. When you come down to the beach you will probably think that you have come to a private beach, and it depends on the hotels located there. But the beach is not private, it is open to everyone, except during high season. I could gladly stay here overnight, and if so, at Adrina Beach Hotel. The beach is really nice and the surroundings are amazingly beautiful.

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