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Hovolo beach in Skopelos

On the page about Limnonari I mention that Limnonari is my favourite beach on Skopelos. But the question is if Hovolos is not in the same class. Skopelos is indeed an island full of surprises, there always seems to be something new to discover. We thought we had seen everything when we at the end of our first stay on Skopelos came to the village of Elios, or Neo Klima as the village also is called. We saw on the map that there was a beach nearby, a beach we had completely missed. It was Hovolo beach.


Hovolo beach. Elios. Skopelos.

Hovolo beach. Elios in the background.



To get to the beach, you walk via a narrow "path" along the water (sometimes you have to wade). Initially the beach isn't mush to look at, but if you walk a little bit further away from the narrow section at the beginning of the beach, you will come to a real beach paradise with white sand mixed with small pebbles, and extremely turquoise water.


The wonderful snorkel friendly water at Hovolo beach in Skopelos.

The wonderful snorkel friendly water at Hovolo beach.

Even a bath coward like me, can be in the water for several hours. At the far end is a rock that it is possible to climb over, behind another two beaches are waiting. Do not miss Hovolo beach, whatever you do, and if you like to snorkel, you have to bring your snorkel and masks.


Hovolo. Skopelos.

The beach that is located after Hovolo.


To get here you climb up the cliff where Hovolo ends. From there, you will see the beach. There are no hotels at Hovolos beach, but it's only a short distance to Elios where there are lots of accommodation to choose from.


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