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Milia beach in Skopelos

Milia is located approximately 3 kilometres north of Panormos and is considered by many to be the best beach on Skopelos. And that with some justice, Milia is a really beautiful beach with white sand mixed with small pebbles. The beach is the longest on Skopelos and extends in two directions, a small isthmus separates the two beaches. As at Limnonari there are large flat underwater rocks along parts of the beach. There is a beach bar on the beach, and a taverna just above.


Milia beach. Skopelos.

Milia beach in one direction.



Should you get tired of Milia, it is only a few kilometres to Kastani beach where parts of the Mamma Mia movie was filmed. Kastani is located north of Milia. A few kilometres south of Milia is the fairly unknown beach of Adrina, also a very nice beach.


Milia. Skopelos.

Milia beach in the other direction.


The view over Milia beach, from the mountains high above, is some of the most beautiful things I have seen. We met some Swedes who told us about a stretch of road from where the views was the most beautiful thing they've ever seen. We drove there. And we could not agree more. If you want to experience this magical place from above, drive from Skopelos Town to Elios (Neo Klima) via the small mountain village of Pirgos. You will notice when you arrive at the lookout point.


Milia and Kastani beach in Skopelos.

Milia beach from above.


If you get tired of the beach of Milia is it only a few kilometres to Kastani.


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