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Limnonari beach in Skopelos

From Agnontas it is only 1 kilometres to Limnonari which is my personal favourite beach on Skopelos. The first time I looked out over Limnonari beach, I felt some hesitation, I suspected that we had taken a wrong turn and ended up at a giant swimming pool. But soon it dawned upon me that there were no large hotels nearby and that the emerald green pool was for real. The brain sent out two signals: Gas! Swim! And surely I went swimming, like I never had done before.


Snorkeling in Limnonari beach in Skopelos.

The amazing water surrounding Limnonari beach.



The beach has a extremely beautiful setting in a wide bay surrounded by high mountains. Pine trees grows all the way down to the waters edge. The sand is mixed with small pebbles. Large flat underwater rocks runs along almost the entire shoreline, the rocks are incredibly slippery and you have to be careful when you walk into the water. After the rocks a lovely sandy bottom are waiting. Two tavernas to choose from, I think that the one under the trees is the nicest one.


Limnonari beach. Skopelos.

Limnonari beach.

But, in all fairness I must say that Limnonari is not the best beach I have been to. On the contrary, there are many beaches that are better, but there are few beaches that have such enchanting surroundings and such magnificent water.

There is something about the water, but what it is, I can not say. We are several who have discussed why the water feels so different and so exceptionally swimming friendly, but we have not come up with any answers.


Limnonari beach in Skopelos.

Wonderful Limnonari.


Limnonari is just a few kilometers from Agnontas where there are several hotels and taverns.


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