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Despite the lack of an international airport, it is easy to travel to Kalymnos, by charter flight (from some countries) or independently. After a few years of declining package-tourism, it is now increasing significantly.

If you travel to Kalymnos by charter flight you will most probably land on the neighbouring island of Kos. From the airport a shuttle bus will take you to the small port of Mastichari, a trip that takes about 15 minutes. From Mastichari it takes about 1 hour by boat to Pothia on Kalymnos. Most package holiday operators offers accommodation in Myrties, Massouri or in Pothia (the capital).

If you choose to travel to Kalymnos independently
, it is easiest to fly to Kos and then travel on by boat, either from Mastichari or Kos town. Another alternative is to fly to Samos or Rhodes and continue by boat from there.

Daily flight connections to Athens.

Telendos Star. Myrties.

Telendos Star leaves the port of Myrties.

The port in Pothia..

The port in Pothia.

Kalymnos has very good boat connections with most islands in the Dodecanese, especially with Kos and Leros. Like many other islands in this part of the island world, the boat traffic is dominated by hydrofoils of various kinds, they are twice as fast, and twice as expensive as regular ferries. Luckily there are also regular ferries running to Kalymnos, though nowhere near as often as hydrofoils.

Then of course there is also Nisos Kalymnos, a small car ferry which has its home port on Kalymnos. Nisos Kalymnos ply the route Astypalea, Arki, Agathonissi, Leros, Lipsi, Patmos and Samos (Pythagorion).

Another local boat is Telendos Star which run to Mastichari on Kos, and to Xerokampos on Leros. All ferries call at Pothia, except Telendos Star which start out from Myrties.

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