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Agathonissi in Greece

Agathonisi in Swedish.

Agathonissi, just south of Samos, is the northernmost island of the Dodecanese islands. It is a small island, both to the area and to the number of inhabitants, only about 185 people lives here, spread in three small villages. Almost all inhabitants lives in Megalo Chorio, while the tourists stays in the port village of Agios Georgios. The area is 13 km2 and the highest mountain measuring 209 meters above sea level. Nearest neighbouring island is Arki.


Agathonisi. Agatonissi. Agathonissi. Greece.

Agios Georgios is one of the most restful villages I have visited in Greece.


Agathonissi is too small for most tourists, there are only a few tavernas and there are no shops to shop in. It is an extremely serene island and the silence is so substantial that it is heard. Agathonissi suits those who seeks peace and quiet. In fact, Agathonissi is one of the last tranquil paradise in the Greek archipelago.

The development has been slow, the island got electricity as late as 1984, and landline in 1985. The majority of the islanders works with fisheries and agriculture, only a few are dependent on tourism. And good is that, because there are not many who comes here. Around 800 tourists visit Agathonissi in a year, it's nothing compared with almost any other Greek island.


Agathonissi is perfect if you are looking for peace and quiet.

Agathonissi is perfect if you are looking for peace and quiet.


Agathonissi is one of my absolute favourite islands in Greece. I can not say exactly in what place I will put Agathonissi in my top island list, but the island surely belongs to the top 10 of the islands in Greece. Probably I get support from all who have been here. If we talk about Greek islands, there is no island that can compete with Agathonissi. Kalymnos' small neighbouring island of Telendos can almost compete with Agathonissi, but only almost.


Megalo Chorio and the port of Agathonissi.

Megalo Chorio on the top, and Agios Georgios by the sea.

You can read more about Agathonissi via the links below. A short summary of the information comes here:

To travel here is pretty easy, although it is not possible to go on a package holiday. The easiest way is to go by air to Samos, and travel on with the small car ferry Nisos Kalymnos that leaves from Pythagorion.

There are only three villages on Agathonissi: Agios Georgios (se picture on top of the page), Megalo Chorio and Mikro Chorio. Agios Georgios is the "centre" of the island, but most islanders lives in Megalo Chorio.

No one travels to Agathonissi for the beaches. There are only a few beaches, and they are good enough. The best beach is the beach in the port village of Agios Georgios. On the other side of the port bay lies a pebble beach called Spilia, which is okay. Below Megalo Chorio lies Poros beach which is one of the few sandy beaches.

No historical sights. However, there are no lack of meditative attractions, such as being seated in a taverna and look out over the sea and to enjoy the peace and quiet.

There are only a few pensions and rooms, but perfectly sufficient for the small number of tourists travelling to Agathonissi, except in high season when everything is pre-booked. As the number of rooms are so few, it is best to book ahead, no matter when you travels here. It can be fully booked even during low and mid season.


Taverna Glaros in Agios Georgios. Agathonissi.

The evenings are absolutely gorgeous in Agathonissi, as here at Taverna Glaros in Agios Georgios.


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