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Vlychada beach in Santorini

Vlychada (or Vlichada) lies as far south as you can get in Santorini. Here are two beaches, a fishing port and a guest port, a few tavernas and hotels, as well as an abandoned factory with tall chimneys. The factory is an old tomato cannery and is today converted into a tomato museum.


Vlychada beach on Santorini in the Cyclades.

Vlychada beach. The village that appears in the middle of the picture is Akrotiri.


The old tomato canning factory in Vlychada which today is a tomato museum.

The old tomato canning factory which today is a tomato museum.


There were many tomato canneries in Santorini in former years, one stood in Perivolos, now converted into a discotheque. None of the factories are in operation today, the tomato exports was no longer profitable and the factories were closed. Formerly the tomatoes of Santorini had, and actually still have, the reputation of being the best tomatoes in all of Greece. They are small as cherry tomatoes and tastes as good as sun-ripened beef tomatoes. Mini tomatoes are still raised in Santorini, but they are no longer exported, as far as I know. What I do know is that they taste heavenly good.


Tomatoes from Santorini are considered the best in all of Greece.

Tomatoes from Santorini are considered the best in all of Greece.

Vlychada beach begins behind the old tomato cannery. The beach is not visible from the road, but once you see it you will be taken aback. Not that the beach is so much different than other beaches in the island, but the surroundings are so incredibly cool. The cliffs backing the beach looks as if they have fallen from the moon.


The cliffs surrounding Vlychada beach on Santorini look like a lunar landscape.

The cliffs in Vlychada look as if they have fallen from the moon.


Vlychada beach and Theros beach on southern Santorini.

The mighty rocks at Vlychada beach. Theros beach is visible on the far left.


Sometimes they can go old sea from Crete in the south of Santorini and then long high waves roll in.

Swell waves are sometimes breaking at the beach.

Vlychada is not nearly as exploited as Perissa and Kamari, and there are not as many people here. From Vlychada it is open sea all the way to Crete. Swell waves are sometimes breaking at the beach. Great fun if you, like me, like to go surfing on your belly. But no great fun if you are afraid of high waves.


Dimitris Taverna in the port of Vlychada in southern Santorini.

The port in Vlychada. On the right you can see Dimitris Taverna, which is very good.


The port of Vlychada is popular with sailors and other boats.

The port of Vlychada is popular with sailors.


In the fishing port itself, it is a quiet and calm and you feel far from the brisk trade in Fira. Colourful fishing boats, expensive yachts and an occasional duck intermingle in the port. There have been plans of building a new port in Vlychada for many years, a port that would replace Athinios port, which is a good port, but lousy when it comes to logistics. But it will probably never happen. And that is good, because then the beach in Vlychada would not be as attractive anymore.


The port in Vlychada is the only harbor for fishing boats in Santorini.

The port in Vlychada is the only harbor for fishing boats in Santorini.

Taverna Limanaki in Vlychada has very good food and a great view of the sea.

Taverna Limanaki offers good food and a fantastic view of the sea.


There was a terrible storm in Greece in the winter of 2004. In Santorini, it was cold as hell and it snowed for the first time in 20 years. High waves was washed against the coast just south of Vlychada. I have friends who have a holiday home in the vicinity, below their house there was a small beach. But no longer, the waves moved the sand a few hundred meters away and formed a new beach.


Tropical beach in Vlychada on Santorini.

This is how Tropical beach looked a few years after the storm.


An enterprising guy planted some palm trees on the beach and named it Tropical beach. Then he rented out sunbeds and umbrellas and in that way he made a bit of cash on the storm. Today are the palm trees gone, but the beach is still there. It is one of the few shallow beaches in Santorini and is suitable for families with children. The beach lies just beyond the fishing port.


The shallow and child-friendly sandy beach in Vlychada on Santorini.

"Tropical beach" as it looks today.

As a bit of a curiosity, I can tell you that there used to be a submarine in the port of Vlychada. The owners boasted that you would get to see the bygone Atlantis if you went down into the sea in the submarine, which was of course called Atlantis. But there were probably very few who dared, because the investment only lasted a few years.


With the submarine Atlantis in Santorini, you can dive into the sea and search for the lost city of Atlantis.

The submarine Atlantis which was previously in the port of Vlychada.



Vlychada is quite unknown, maybe that is why there is just a few hotels and pensions in Vlychada. There is some package-tourism from some countries. If you like peace and quiet, proximity to good tavernas and beaches, then Vlychada is a perfect destination. If you are travelling independently I recommend Villa Michalis just above the beach.

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