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Getting around in Lesvos

The roads are usually in good condition and the traffic is shifting from chaotic intensive to nonexistent. It is most confused in and around Mytilini, where it is not fun to drive your own vehicle. The same applies to the route to and from Plomari. You can go by bus between the villages if you do not want to rent a car or scooter.


Rental car is a must if you want to discover more than the immediate surroundings. If you stay in for example Anaxos, Petra or Molyvos, it will do just fine with a scooter. Car and scooter rental places are available in all major tourist resorts.

The distances do not appear to be so long when you look at a map, but the roads are winding and takes time to drive. But it does not matter, because the landscape is varied and extremely beautiful. For example, if you are going to drive between Vatera and Plomari and look at the map, it looks like it is not far at all, but it certainly is.


Car hire in Petra, Mytilini, Molyvos and Plomari in Lesvos.

The roads can be narrow, like here in Petra.



Unless you choose the dirt roads over the mountains, it's also possible, but it is exhausting. When we were here for the first time we drove 800 kilometres in nine days, it's quite far. But then we drove around the whole island, and you do not have to do that unless you have to.


There are two types of buses: the town buses serves Mytilini Town and the nearest surroundings and the long-distance buses serves almost the whole island. The big bus station in Mytilini Town is located at the Agia Irini Park, behind the grand theatre along the waterfront. Buses to Skala Eressos, Molyvos, Petra, Sigri, Plomari, Vatera and Kalloni departs from the big bus station. Of course it is possible to get off the bus in the villages along the way. Usually you will find bus timetables at the bus stops, otherwise you can call the bus company and ask: 22510-28873, or search the Net.

Bus timetables for Lesvos »


Bus timetable in Petra in Lesvos.

Bus timetable in Petra.



There are plenty of taxi companies in all larger villages and towns and most often it is easy to find a free taxi. If you stay far from the airport, in for example Skala Eressou, it's a good idea to pre-book a taxi when you are going home, so you do not miss the plane.


Excursion boats departs from Molyvos to for example Skala Sikaminias.


Excursion boat that runs between Molyvos and Skala Sikaminias in Lesvos.

Excursion boat that runs between Molyvos and Skala Sikaminias.



Lesvos is an excellent hiking island. So if you like to hike you will love Lesvos.

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