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Skala Eressos in Lesvos

Skala Eressos (or Skala Eressou) is far from most in Lesvos. To Mytilini it is 85 kilometres and to Molyvos 55 kilometres, depending on which route you choose. About 4 kilometres north of Skala Eressos lies the village of Eressos, which is said to be the poet Sappho's home village. Eressos is a fairly mediocre village and there is no special reason to stay there. But there are all the reasons in the world to stay in Skala Eressos, which is my favourite village on Lesvos.


The beach in Skala Eressos in Lesvos.

The beach in Skala Eressos.


This is how I wrote on my blog when we had been in Skala Eressos for a day: Why haven't anyone told me how awesome this place is?! As a mix of Goa in India and Matala in Crete. The atmosphere is incredibly cool.

Before we came here for the first time, I was a little worried that I would be the only guy in the village (only for a joke), after all, Skala Eressos is a stronghold for lesbians, but it was not like that at all, here is a wonderful mix of all kind of people. It is true that many lesbians come here, for example, there are hotels that only receive women, and the rainbow flag is flying here, there, and everywhere in the village.


The sunset in Skala Eressos is very beautiful. Lesvos.

The sunset in Skala Eressos is very beautiful.

Sappho has achieved cult status in Skala Eressos and many establishments carries her name: Sappho Garden of the Arts, Sappho Travel, The Cine Sappho (the cinema), Sappho Estate and Sappho Hotel are some examples. Not to mention all the statues of Sappho, I counted to five or six, there may have been even more. Think that a poet from the 7th century BC is so important after so many years. Fantastic! Every year in September there is a festival called Women's Festival. You can read more about it on their website: www.womensfestival.eu


Sappho rules over Skala Eressos in Lesvos.

Sappho rules over Skala Eressos.



The village is situated along the water and is concentrated to two streets, one at the waterfront and one above, and some cross-streets. The beach belongs to one of the best on Lesvos, and one of the longest. The village itself is concentrated to the left part of the beach, to the right hangs all enthusiastic windsurfers.

The waterfront is lined with many tavernas, cafes and bars. Several of them are built on piles driven into the sand. Perhaps that's why it feels like you're in Thailand. The atmosphere is cool, it's almost a hippie feeling. Many tavernas are good, just like the bars are, you can basically choose anyone of them, the cool atmosphere is found almost everywhere. Skala Eressos a mix of Goa in India and Matala in Crete


Parasol is one of several cool bars along the beach promenade in Skala Eressos, Lesvos.

Parasol is one of several cool bars along the beach promenade.

I would like to recommend one taverna and one bar: the fish taverna Soulatso and the bar Parasol, both located on the seafront. A suggestion is to start the evening with a drink at Parasol and listen to world music, then go to Soulatso and eat fresh fish, watch the sunset and listen to the waves. You want the evening to never end, but happily there will (almost) always be a tomorrow, and then you can repeat the evening before.


The fish taverna Soulatso is one of several good restaurants in Skala Eressos in Lesvos.

The fish taverna Soulatso is one of several good restaurants in Skala Eressos.


Finally, a little tip for those that like turtles. If you walk or drive to the other side of the beach (where the windsurfers hangs) and go a little behind the beach, you will soon see a bridge as it flows water under. Look down and you will see a great number of turtles. The turtles acts like domestic and are grateful for gifts in the form of bread. (Not far from the turtles, towards the beach, there is a large hotel complex that looks incredibly misplaced.)

Turtles in Skala Eressos in Lesvos.

Some of the many turtles in Skala Eressos.



If you plan to stay in Skala Eressos, you have quite a number of hotels to choose from. We have stayed in a place called To Kyma at the beach quite far to the left. It is a small family-run pension with simple fresh rooms, most of them with a balcony overlooking the sea. If you like to wake up and fall asleep to the sound of the waves, you can not stay at a better place.

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