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Naxos is an ideal hiking island and it is visited by thousands of hiking enthusiasts every year. The range is wide, from simple beginner routes to quite advanced hiking routes for experienced hikers. Many routes starts out in Filoti, which is close to Mount Zas, Naxos' highest mountain (1,001 metres above sea level).

If you do not like to hike in the mountains, I can recommend an easy and very pleasant hike, where you are close to the sea all the way. Of course I am thinking of the hike between the beaches on the west coast of Naxos.

One can walk along the water all the way from Agios Georgios down to Mikri Vigla, and even longer if you like. If you do want to make it easy for yourself, you start in Agios Prokopios and walk to Plaka, via Agia Anna. A "hike" that I have done many times, and I will do it many more times.

If you are going to hike on Naxos, I can recommend Anavasi's blue map (1:25,000) which describes many hiking routes on Naxos, easy to advanced. In addition you also get maps of the islands in the Small Cyclades. Terrain maps is another Greek cartographic company specialized in hiking maps. They have a map of Naxos with the scale 1:40,000 and it also contains many hiking routes. Both maps are available for purchase on Naxos.

I recommend you to buy the hiking book Walking on Naxos by Dieter Graf. The book describes 25 hiking routes on Naxos in detail. The book is available for purchase on Naxos, you can also buy it on internet if you want to plan your routes in advance.

To walk between the beaches are also nice. (Plaka.)

Hiking on Naxos.

Best time to hike on Naxos is in the spring when nature is at its most beautiful.

Hiking on Naxos.

Naxos offers a very beautiful landscape. The picture shows Apiranthos to the left and Filoti in the middle.

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