Agios Prokopios beach on Naxos

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Agios Prokopios beach is the first of several paradisiacal beaches in a row on the west coast of Naxos. Agios Prokopios lies about 5 kilometres from Naxos Town, and is considered by many to be the island's best beach. But there are other beaches that also carries that epithet, like Agia Anna and Plaka.

To get to Agios Prokopios from Naxos Town, you can choose between local bus, private vehicle or to hike from Agios Georgios. Along the way you will pass the runway of the airport and shortly after lies the wetland of Aliki. At the wetland you can choose to turn left or right to get to Agios Prokopios.

If you turn right, you will pass Stelida hill (151 metres above sea level) before you reach the beach. There lies the Church of Agios Prokopios (which has given the beach its name), many charter hotels and a few tavernas. From here you can continue along a dirt road all the way to the village centre. The easiest way is to turn left at the wetland of Aliki, then you will arrive directly to the centre of Agios Prokopios.

Do not miss the sunset in Agios Prokopios, it is very beautiful.

Sunset in Agios Prokopios .

Agios Prokopios in one direction.

Agios Prokopios beach. Naxos.

Agios Prokopios in another direction.

Agios Prokopios is located in a long beautiful bay with an inviting sandy beach of yellow-white sand. The water is crystal clear and the bay looks like a large swimming pool when there is no wind. Above the beach are several tavernas, cafes and bars, the view from the tavernas overlooking the beach and the sea is soothing and alluring. The village of Agios Prokopios is built on tourism and there is no lack of tourist amenities. Hotels and pensions, tavernas and bars, supermarkets and car and scooter rental places dominate the buildings.

In spite of the fact that Agios Prokopios is one of Naxos' largest tourist destinations, it doesn't feel exploit, at least I do not think so.

There is a wide range of restaurants. My favourites are Taverna Sunset, a lovely family restaurant with good food at low prices and great views of the sea, and Taverna Anezis located in the far end of the beach.

The best lunch restaurant is Fotis Taverna at the end of the beach, the view overlooking the entire beach is absolutely stunning.

Restaurants in Agios Prokopios.

Many restaurants are located near the beach.

Agios Prokopios is the most popular tourist resort on Naxos after Agios Georgios
. If you ask me, Agios Prokopios is the island's best village to stay in, together with Naxos Town. Every time I visit Naxos (which I do almost every year) I stay half the time in Agios Prokopios and half the time in Chora. It can not be any better.

Below you will find the hotels in Agios Prokopios that was booked most times via Kalimera (the Swedish version of Kalispera) in 2017.

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Fotis Taverna. Agios Prokopios.

Lunch with a view from Fotis Taverna.

Sunset in Agios Prokopios on Naxos.

Agios Prokopios just before the sun sets.

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