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The Kouros of Melanes in Naxos

There are three (or possibly four) Kouros on Naxos. Partly the large statue of Apollonas, partly these two near the village of Melanes. The first of the two Kouros close to Melanes, and the one that has been known longest, are commonly known as Kouros of Melanes or Kouros of Flerio. The statue is about 6 metres long, one leg is broken at the poor fellow, probably that's why it is lying here instead of ending up with the one who commissioned it.


Kouros of Melanes on Naxos in the Cyclades.

Kouros number one which has been known for long.


Kouros of Melanes is located near the genuine village of Melanes on Naxos.

Kouros of Melanes is located near the genuine village of Melanes.


But what is a kouros? Well, I'll tell you. Kouros (youth or young man) is a term for a standing statue from the Archaic period (650-480 BC) represent a naked young man. They were carved directly in stone or marble and were often commissioned. A Kouros is almost always depicted with the left leg moved forward (as if he were in the middle of a step), with the arms hanging at the sides and with the fingers clenched in the palms. They may look pretty peculiar. One of the best preserved statues is on display at the Archaeological Museum of Samos.


Kouros in the Archaeological Museum of Vathy on Samos.

This is what the Kouros on Samos looks like.


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Below the statue is a small café where you can have something to eat and drink while taking a breather among flowers, lemon trees and a small pond. It is also possible to buy honey and homemade wine.


Kouros of Flerio on Naxos in the Cyclades.

Kouros of Melanes, or Kouros of Flerio as it is also called.


To reach these two statues you drive towards Melanes (starting from Naxos Town) and continue on to the village of Kournochori. Three kilometres after Kournochori is a signpost showing the way to the statues. The area is called Flerio. If you arrive by car you can park where the dirt road begins, even if it is possible to drive a bit further, if you arrive by scooter you can get past all the way to the path that leads to the first statue. There is a signpost here as well.


Drive a car or bike to Kouros of Melanes.

The "road" leading to the Kouros of Melanes.


Hike to the Kouros on Naxos.

This is where you enter to get to the Kouros.


Not even all locals knew about this third statue. I told some friends of mine on Naxos about this third kouros in summer 2004, and they did not believe me, not until I showed them my newly taken photos.

If you are going to see the other Kouros you continue on the dirt road about 100 metres after the Kouros of Melanes. To the left is a stone wall, there is an opening and an arrow pointing out the path to the kouros number two. This previously unknown Kouros lies on a hillside and looks generally dazed. It looks as if he is sliding down into the valley. The face is similar to "the spade" of a spoon. The statue is in worse condition than the other two, probably did not the material come up to standard so it was left. And it lies here still today with a sad look.


Statue of Kouros on Naxos.

Kouros number two which was previously unknown.


The unknown Kouros on Naxos is located near the marble quarry.

Kouros number two and the giant feet.


These gigantic feet probably belonged to a gigantic Kouros on Naxos.

The gigantic feet likely belonged to an even larger Kouros in the area.


Statues of Kouros on Naxos.

The area is verdant, fresh and beautiful, and the cicadas are singing loudly.


It is so beautiful around Melanes on Naxos that we chose to celebrate an even birthday here.

It is so beautiful here that we chose to celebrate an even birthday here.



Do not miss the Kouros of Apollonas when you have seen the Kouros of Melanes on Naxos.

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