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It is only a few kilometres from Halki to Filoti, the road twists along a beautiful valley with olive trees and majestic cypress trees, at a curve, Filoti appears in the distance. The view over the amphitheatrically built village and the Mount Zas is stunning, and a given photo object. Filoti has almost 1,500 permanent inhabitants and that makes it the second largest village on Naxos, the largest village is Naxos Town (7,070 inhabitants). It is about 20 kilometres from Naxos Town to Filoti depending on which route you choose.

It took me many years before I gave Filoti a chance, the road to Apiranthos (8 kilometres) cross straight through the village, many just drive past, just as I have always done. It's a bad choice, Filoti is a pleasant village and well worth a longer stop.

In the narrow alleys that climbs up the mountain you are met by whitewashed houses, worn arches, worn steps, curious old women and some hungry cats.

The village's major gathering place is on the side of the road to Apiranthos, under a couple of plane trees are several tavernas and kafenións.

Filoti is Naxos the second largest village.

Filoti is Naxos the second largest village.

Filotis main square.

Filotis main square is under a pair of tall plane trees

Filoti är Naxos näst största by.

View of Filoti. If you have time, you can make a detour to Danakos which is one of the most genuine villages on Naxos, as well as to Chimarros Tower and Kalandos beach.

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