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Vasiliki lies about 6 kilometres west of Marandochori and it is the largest port of Lefkada. From here there are ferries to Kefalonia and Ithaka, as well as beach boats to Porto Katsiki.

Vasiliki was a major port of export for many years ago, raisins were among other things shipped to Italy from here. The fertile Valley of Vasiliki was the island's most important agricultural region, a lot of olives and grapes were cultivated, wine and raisins were made of the grapes. Vasiliki was one of the few villages in Greece that had electricity before World War II, it shows how important the region was once in a while.

Times are changing, getting famous for raisins is not easy today, no matter how good they are. But who cares when you can get famous for other things. Like windsurfing and kitesurfing. Vasiliki is one of Europe's most popular windsurfer places. There are even those who claim that Vasiliki is the world's best place for windsurfing.

I'm not a windsurfer so I can not judge how good it is, but I understand that Vasiliki is special, I've never seen so many windsurfers in one and the same place, even Prasonisi in southern Rhodes comes after Vasiliki. The reason why Vasiliki is so popular is the wind (obviously, otherwise it will not be possible to surf) that reliably comes every day thanks to the mountains backing the bay. No day without wind, it can not be better. Another advantage is that the beach and the bay are large enough to accommodate crowds of windsurfers.

Tavernas along the harbour promenade in Vasiliki.

Tavernas along the harbour promenade in Vasiliki.

Vasilki. Lefkada.


There is also room on this stony beach, called Ponti Beach, for those who like to bask in the sun and go for a swim. But there are few who come here for swimming, there are better beaches for that. If you want to try out windsurfing, there is no more suitable place to do it than here. There are many windsurfing equipment rental places and windsurfing schools along the beach. You can also try kitesurfing, go canoeing and ride jet-ski.

The village of Vasiliki itself is small, cute and pretty cosy. There are most activity in the fishing port which is home to many tavernas and bars, and along a few narrow streets with pastel-coloured houses. Although the village is small, it offers a nice range of tourist amenities: supermarkets, souvenir shops, travel agencies, hotels, pensions, tavernas, banks, bakeries and so on.

There is a wide range of accommodations
and here are everything from four-star hotels to simple family pensions. The reason why there are so many places to stay at is that Vasilki is a package holiday destination.

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Vasiliki Marina.

Vasiliki Marina.

The beach in Vasiliki.

The beach in Vasiliki.

From Vasiliki there are beach boats to the paradise Porto Katsiki.

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