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Agios Nikitas is located on the north western coast about 13 kilometres from Lefkada Town. If you drive from Lefkada Town towards Agios Nikitas you will enjoy amazing views. When you reach about halfway you arrive at the coast and you will be meet by a meditative view of a giant sea.

The entire coastline from here and down to Porto Katsiki is a long paradise beach. Certainly, the name of the beach is changing many times, but basically it's one and the same beach. The first really nice beach is Pefkoulia a few kilometres before Agios Nikitas. There is tavernas, as well as sunbeds and umbrellas for rent.

I like Nidri, but it has nothing to do with the village of Nidiri itself, the beautiful surroundings and the proximity of the beautiful archipelago are the only reasons why I like Nidri. If I add parameters like cosiness, small-scale and beautiful beaches, then Agios Nikitas is a long way ahead of Nidri. Extra plus for the nearness to Lefkada Town and to the mountain village of Karia.

Most of the beaches on the west coast require that you have a car or scooter, but if you stay in Agios Nikitas, you definitely do not have to drive anywhere, the village beach is not bad at all, if compared with for example the beach in Nidri, the beach in Agios Nikitas is a paradise. The sand-and-pebble beach extends on both sides of the village. To the right are rocks where you can sunbathe and dive off.

Tavernas. Agios Nikitas. Lefkada.

Tavernas at the main street leading down to the sea.

Main street. Agios Nikitas.

The end of the main street.

In Agios Nikitas are hotels, pensions, tavernas, bars, cafes and shops. Most are located along the incredibly attractive main street leading through the village down to the sea.

To the left of Agios Nikitas lies one of Lefkada's most wonderful beaches. At least it is said so, I have unfortunately not had the privilege of seeing the beach in reality, on the other hand I have seen many pictures, and they promise well. The beach is called Milos (sometimes spelled Mylos) and is reached by beach boat from Agios Nikitas or on foot, it takes between 15-20 minutes to walk. There is an information board in the upper part of Agios Nikitas where the path to Milos beach is marked.

I have not stayed overnight in Agios Nikitas, but the next time I travel to Lefkada, I will stay here. Unfortunately I have no suggestions, but there are many good hotels and pensions on

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information board where the path to Milos beach is marked.

Agios Nikitas beach. Lefkada.

The left part of the beach in Agios Nikitas.

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