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Caldera beach in Santorini

Caldera beach, also called Balos beach, is located below the village of Akrotiri. It is the only beach in Santorini that lies in the caldera. At least it is the only beach in the crater that can be reached without boat. Admittedly, there is a bathing place with rocks below Oia, but it is not a beach.


Caldera beach in Santorini.

Caldera beach.



The beach is quite small and is covered by gray-black sand (what else). It gets deep quickly and the water is crystal clear. Caldera beach is one of my favourite beaches in Santorini, and it do not depends on the beach. The reason why this beach is so special is the sensational surroundings, the beautiful views over Fira and Oia, and the thrilling feeling you get when swimming in a volcanic crater.


Santorini Dive Center. Caldera beach.

Santorini Dive Center and the small port in Caldera beach

To get to Caldera beach you turn right just before the village of Akrotiri. The way down is narrow and terribly steep. Do not drive down if you are an inexperienced driver. If you like to scuba dive, you can contact Santorini Dive Center that hang around in Caldera beach.


Caldera beach. Santorini.

Caldera beach.


Thirasia is on the right. Straight ahead you will see both volcanoes, and to the right you will see Fira.

Nudism is not common in Santorini, but it happens that you see nudists on the right side of the beach.


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