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Syros is a small island, and even smaller if you leave out the northern parts of the island where there are few roads. You have time to see the whole island in one day if you wish, either by bus or by your own vehicle.

The roads are in good condition
and the traffic is insignificant as soon as you leave Ermoupolis, where it sometimes can be a little messy. On the northern parts of Syros, it is rare to meet other road-users. It is an ideal island to discover with your own vehicle, you can drive around large parts without having to go the same way back. There are some beautiful distances, mainly the one that goes between Ano Syros and the small village of Saint Michalis in the north. Car and scooter hire places are available in all major tourist resorts.

Syros is a role model when it comes to bus service
. You can go to almost all villages and beaches in the south and the central parts of the island. In addition, the buses often runs between Ermoupolis and the major tourist resorts. The bus station in Ermoupolis is in the port, just where you get off the ferry.

Taxis are cheap since the distances are short. Telephone number of taxis: 22810-86222.

The beautiful northern Syros

To discover northern Syros by moped is a true pleasure.

Moped and car rental Ermoupolis.

Moped and car rental Ermoupolis.

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