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Before arriving on Syros, you should have decided where on the island you want to stay. Personally, I prefer to stay in Ermoupolis, mostly because I want to be close to the pulsating evening life. But it is possible to stay in other places of the island and still be close to Ermoupolis. Again, Syros is a small island and the bus connections are good. Families usually choose Kini or Galissas.

The selection of hotels and pensions are large and it is fairly easy to find a room on site, without having to make a reservation ahead. August is an exception since many of the rooms are booked up by vacationing Greeks. Letters of rooms usually meet up the ferries in the port, but not as many as on, for example, Naxos and Paros. Most letter of rooms at the port offers rooms in Ermoupolis, but it happens that there are some from Kini and Galissas as well.

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Blue Harmony Hotel in Kini.

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