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Ano Syros lies on a hill about 3 km northwest of Ermoupolis. It is barely noticeable that Ano Syros is another town, from a distance it looks like Ano Syros and Ermoupolis is the same town, but it is actually a separate municipality and it is much older than Ermoupolis.

The town was built by the Venetians in the early 13th century. The large Catholic church of Agios Gergios dominates the skyline and there are many beautiful medieval houses. The view from the top is absolutely stunning, you see the whole of Ermoupolis and the big blue sea. In clear weather you see Andros, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Tinos from here.

Once you have entered through the walls of Ano Syros you will be met by a warren of narrow streets with small winding alleys and ancient steps. It is not difficult to find a way into the town, there are several entrances, but to find a way out is not as easy. Either you get lost or you have been enchanted of the picturesque beauty and stay therefore, or you may get stuck in one of the tavernas.

Ano Syros.

One of the entrances to Ano Syros.

View over Ermoupolis from Ano Syros.

View over Ermoupolis from Ano Syros.

The famous musician Markos Vamvakaris (1905-1792) was born in Ano Syros. He is considered to be one of Greece's most prominent within the traditional style of music known as rebetika, which is a Greek form of blues if you strain it a bit. Before he became famous, he worked as a butcher. When he heard a bouzouki player, he decided to learn to play within six months, otherwise he would chop off his arm. He succeeded, of course, and eventually became famous in whole Greece.

Vamvakaris wrote lots of music. Good music. Including the classic song Frangosyriani that every Greek knows by heart. You have heard it for sure. Many other artists have recorded the songs of Vamvakaris during the years, including Georgios Dalaras who released a double CD with just songs of Vamvakaris. It is highly recommended. The house of Vamvakaris in Ano Syros is a museum today.

There are very few hotels in Ano Syros
, the more there are in Ermoupolis. If you want to stay in Ano Syros, perhaps Wind Tales is what you are looking for. I have not stayed there, but I would really like to do it.

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Alleys in Ano Syros.

One of the many alleys in Ano Syros.

Ano Syros.

Ano Syros is located on top of Ermoupolis.

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