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Northern Syros is well suited for hiking, the southern parts are flatter and do not have as beautiful scenery.

If you are going to hike, I recommend Anavasis blue map (1:20,000), it describes twelve hikes on Syros, both easy and difficult. The map also include a very good map of Ermoupolis.

Terrain maps is another Greek cartographic company specialized in hiking maps. They have a map of Syros, scale 1:20,000. Also that map describes twelve hikes and are available for purchase on the island.

I recommend you to buy the hiking book Amorgos, Naxos, Paros and The Eastern & Northern Cyclades by Dieter Graf. The book describes three nice hikes on Syros in detail. The book can most likely be purchased on Syros.

Walking sign on the northern Syros.

Walking sign on the northern Syros.

Hiking to Kastri.

Northern Syros is the part that is most suitable for hiking.

Hike between Kini and Delfini Beach

I usually just hike between Kini and Delfini Beach. :-)

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