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The island's easiest hike is the one described in the text about Episkopi. The nicest walk begins and ends in Chorio and is also easy to hike. Pass through the village and walk to the ruins above the village, from there you follow the old donkey path until you come to an old house that is not ruined. There, by a tree, turn left and walk down the ravine. After a while you will reach a spring with water. Then turn left and continue back towards Chorio again. The closer the village you get, the more beautiful the view becomes. The walk takes approximately 1 ½ hours.

Of course there are both shorter and longer hikes to do, most of them are described in hiking maps of Sikinos. Anavasi, a Greek mapping and publishing company, is specialized in hiking maps based on GPS and GIS (Geographic Information Systems). They only have maps of islands that are suitable for hikes, therefore, it is good news that there is an Anavasi-map of Sikinos. That if anything proof that Sikinos is a good island for hiking. The scale is 1:25,000 and the map can be bought on Sikinos. Terrain maps is another Greek cartographic company specialized in hiking maps. They also have a map of Sikinos, scale 1:15,000, and you can buy it on the island.

I recommend you to buy the hiking book Santorini, Sifnos, Western and Southern Cyklades by Dieter Graf. The book describes twelve nice hikes on Sikinos in detail. You might find the book on Sikinos, otherwise you will find it on the large islands like Naxos and Paros, or on internet.

The path that goes above Kastro and Chorio.

The path that goes above Kastro and Chorio.

The old trail to Episkopi.

The old trail to Episkopi.

Vineyard. Sikinos.

If you walk to Episkopi you will pass a vineyard where there is a café where you can taste wine.

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