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As I wrote in the beginning, it is not because of the beaches you travel to Sikinos, the beaches are few in number and rather mediocre. The exceptions are the beach in the port, and Agios Georgios which is best reached by beach boat. Dialiskari is a mediocre beach not far from the port, you can walk there by using the small road that leads from the port. However, the beach is not much to have, so perhaps it is smarter to save your strength for better excursions.

Agios Georgios is a decent beach with pebbles mixed with sand. The beach is longer than the one in the port and there are always plenty of room. Sun beds and umbrellas are available for rent. There are also tamarisk trees giving shade. At one end of the beach there is a small taverna that is open during mid and high season. It is best to ask if the taverna is open before buying tickets to the boat. Alternatively, bring your own food and drink. The menu is limited to a few dishes, as compensation for the poor selection the food is usually tasty. The last time we were here there were only Greek salad, French fries, fried shrimps and grilled octopus on the menu. We ordered the entire menu, and everything was delicious!

The boat to Agios Georgios departs from the port up to four times per day depending on the season. If you rent a scooter, you are on the beach in a flash.

Should you get tired of Agios Georgios, you can choose to go by beach boat to Malta which is the next stop. The beach is smaller than Agios Georgios and do not keep the same quality. In Malta there is neither shadow nor taverna.

The taverna at Agios Georgios beach.

The taverna at Agios Georgios beach.

Agios Georgios beach. Sikinos.

Agios Georgios beach.

The port beach in Alopronia.

The port beach in Alopronia.

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