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Kastro is just three kilometres from the port. The bus stops both at the beginning of the village, and at the end of it. Regardless of where you get off you will be met by typical Cycladic architecture and houses intertwined along narrow winding alleys. The village is built on the ridge of a nearly 300 metre high cliff. Where the parts of the village are facing the sea, the cliffs falls steeply into the sea.

The village was built at this spot so the inhabitants could be protected against the pirates who then ravaged the entire Mediterranean. The oldest part of the village is built like a castle, that is why it is named Kastro since it means castle. Clear traces of the Kastro is still visible. In the square, there is a beautiful church called Pantanassa.

The village is really small, and it do not take long before you have walked in all alleys. However, it will take long before you are tired of looking at the village, for it is indeed a lovely village. Anyone who likes a typical Cycladic "chora" can do nothing but love Kastro. Especially for the beautiful mix of old houses that are in ruins, and newly renovated houses so whitewashed that your eyes will hurt. Please visit Kastros twin village Chorio village, which is next to the Kastro.

The oldest parts of the Kastro.

The oldest parts of the Kastro.

Café alley in Kastro.

Café alley in Kastro.

Kastro has post office, shops, bakery, ATM, travel agency, and several tavernas and cafes. Two of the nicest cafes (they also sell snacks) lies opposite each other in a narrow alley with a roof of flowers. Both locals and tourists settle down for a coffee or to eat something while they have full control of everything and everyone that pass through the alley. Because most people will pass this alley at least once during the day.

In another small alley, just metres from the one above, there are two excellent tavernas. They are so pleasant that you never want to leave. Therefore, it is often difficult to get a table unless you get there early in the evening.

The nunnery of Zoodochos Pigi crowns the hill above Kastro. You have to go there, not at least to see the incredibly beautiful sunset.

There are only a few pensions in Kastro. I only know of one place, and it's called Kaminia Rooms to Let. They are not on internet, but usually they meet arriving ferries in the port.

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Taverna alley in Kastro.

Taverna alley in Kastro.

Kastro seen from Chorio

Kastro seen from Chorio. The Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi is located above the village.

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