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Although there is not much of a selection, there is usually available rooms, except during the first three weeks of August when you should book ahead. Letter of rooms usually meet up all ferries in the port. The prices of the rooms are below average. Most of the rooms lies in the port, Alopronia, and it is also where the majority of the tourists choose to stay. There are only a few pensions in Kastro, and no at all accommodation in Chorio.

We always stay in Alopronia, partly because we like to stay close to the sea, partly because of the proximity to the beach and partly because it is close to the ferry when it's time to leave the island. The first time we visited Sikinos we had decided to stay in Kastro, and that without having any idea if it was possibly to rent rooms in Kastro. So we said no to all letter of rooms and joyously took the bus up to Kastro. After about a half hour of searching, we were quite clear that there was no rooms and we had to wait for the next bus to the port. And maybe that's why we nowadays always choose to stay in the port.

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