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Drakei in Samos

Drakei is located about 20 kilometres from Limnionas beach, on the other side of Samos' highest mountain, Mount Kerkis. Drakei really lies out-of-the-way, you can almost not get further west than this on Samos. Drakei balances on the brim of a precipice and the village must have been ideal as a place of refuge and as protection against pirates who formerly ravaged the Aegean. You can hardly see the village from a distance and you really understand how difficult it must have been for malicious people to discover the village.


The best thing about Drakei in Samos is the beautiful road that goes to the village.

The best thing about Drakei is the beautiful road that goes to the village.



Drakei is tiny little, you have seen the whole village after just a few minutes. You start from above and walk down through the alleys. In the middle of the village there is a square where a nice church stand. It's an old-fashioned and ordinary village, but it is still noticeable that they try to take advantage of tourism. "We speak German" (in German, of course), it is said on a sign outside a taverna. There is one café and a couple of tavernas in the village.


Alley in Drakei. Samos.

An alley in Drakei.

Kostas Taverna in Drakei. Samos.

Kostas Taverna in Drakei.


My favourite is Kostas Taverna with its large terrace and magnificent views of the sea across to Ikaria. Kostas Taverna offers simple but tasty traditional Greek home cooked food and is an ideal place to summarize all the impressions that have been gained on the way here. Because that is how it is, the best thing about Drakei is not the village itself, it is the beautiful and wild landscape one pass by on the way here.


Drakei is located on the other side of Mount Kerkis in Samos.

Drakei is located on the other side of Mount Kerkis, as you see to the right.


Drakei can not be seen in the picture, but Votsalakia can be discerned where the coast turns to the left. After Votsalakia comes the beaches of Psili Amos 2 and Limnionas. From Limnionas it is about 20 kilometres to Drakei.

Below Drakei lies the hard to reach beaches of Mikro Seitani and Megalo Seitani. You can hike to the beaches from Drakei, but it's easier to walk from Potami beach.


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