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Paleochori beach in Milos

Paleochori beach lies on the southern coast, about 9 kilometres southeast of Adamas. This is my favourite of Milos' many spectacular beaches. I could travel to Milos just to swim here. You can go by bus from Adamas to Paleochori. If you go by scooter to Paleochori, I recommend you to turn off the engine where the slope down begins. Enjoy the quiet countryside and the view overlooking the sea. You know when you have reached the destination because then the scooter has stopped.


Paleochori beach and hot springs on Milos in the Cyclades.

Paleochori beach.


The beach is actually three beaches. First you will arrive to the main beach, a long wide beach with sand mixed with pebbles. Here are sun beds and umbrellas for rent and several good tavernas. The cliffs backing the beach have colour combinations that you can hardly believe is possible.


Volcanic colourful mountains and cliffs surround Paleochori beach on Milos.

The cliffs along the beach have colour combinations you hardly think possible.


That there is such a display of colour is due to Milos' volcanic activity. The colours are ranging from dark red to bright yellow and in between some green. The yellow and green colour comes from the sulphur that is formed in the cliffs. Sometimes it smells pungent and it is not unusual that it comes steam from the cliffs.


Paleochori beach is actually three beaches, the far part is for nudists.

The far end of the beach is popular among nudists.


A short walk to the left along the main beach there are some rocks that is easy to climb over, behind the rocks is another part of Paleochori beach. This part consists mainly of pebbles and it gets deep quickly. At the far end is a cave for protection from the sun. This part of Paleochori beach is popular among nudists.

The right part of Paleochori beach is accessed by crawling under (unless it's high water) a cliff to the right at the main beach. After that you climb over some rocks and behind it awaits the nicest part of Paleochori beach.


Crawl from Paleochori beach to Kalimera beach on Milos.

From the main beach it is crawling distance to the right part of the beach. :-)


Caves at Paleochori beach on Milos in Greece.

The cave you have to pass to get to the small beach.


Paleochori is the best beach of all the fantastic sandy beaches on Milos.

The right part of Paleochori beach.

You can also get here by steps above the beach (where there is a taverna). The beach consists of amber coloured pebbles that tickles comfortable underfoot. If you walk as far away as you can, you will soon see a round hole in the cliff. Creep inside if you are cold, the cold will vanish in the air after a few seconds, the small hole is a natural sauna. In the water outside the "sauna" you will sometimes see underground activities. If you snorkel, you'll pretty soon notice that it comes bubbles from the bottom of the sea that rises to the surface.


The natural sauna at Paleochori beach on Milos.

The natural sauna at Paleochori beach.


 On Paleochori beach on Milos there is a sauna in a hole in the rock.

This is how happy I am when I lie in the sauna at Paleochori beach.


Over the years, I have named several beaches in Greece Kalimera beach, and here in the picture you see Kalimera beach on Milos, which is located west of Paleochori beach.


Kalimera beach on Milos.

Kalimera beach på Milos.

On the main beach lies Sirocco Volcanic Restaurang, one of the best tavernas on Milos. Greeks comes here from Adamas to eat lunch or dinner. It is often crowded at (Greek) lunchtime and it may take time before you get the food. But who cares when the view is beautiful and the Greek music is fantastic. The variety on the menu is among the best you can imagine. In addition, the kitchen normally have everything in the menu, which is not always so common in Greece. And the food is tasty and superb.


Sirocco Volcanic Restaurant on Paleochori beach.

Sirocco Volcanic Restaurant where you eat Volcanic food.


Good restaurants and tavernas at Paleochori beach on Milos.

View of the beach from Sirocco Volcanic Restaurant.


Sirocco do not only have good food, they also have their own way of preparing it. You can order something called Vulcanic Food in the afternoon. It can be everything: vegetables, fish, potatoes, lamb and other meat. The ingredients are placed in foil packets that are buried in the sand below the restaurant. When the foil packets have been lying long enough, they are dug up again and served steaming hot. Different, isn't it!


Don't miss eating Volcanic Food at Sirocco Volcanic Restaurant when you travel to Paleochori beach on Milos.

Volcanic Food is prepared here.


Sirocco Volcanic Restaurant is within crawling distance of Paleochori beach.

Sirocco Volcanic Restaurant is within crawling distance of the beach. Paleochori beach.



Don't miss Tsigrado beach when you've had dinner or lunch at the restaurants at Paleochori beach.

Don't miss Tsigrado beach, which you can read about here »


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