Theoktistis Monastery on Ikaria

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The Monastery of Theoktistis lies near the village of Pigi, in the mountains midway between Armenistis and Evdilos. The monastery is believed to have been founded by a nun from Lesvos already in the 14th century. At most a hundred nuns lived here, how everyone found their space is a mystery, because it is not big. The monastery was abandoned in the 1980s when the last two nuns moved out.

Where is it that is so special about Theoktistis? It is enough to look at the pictures to understand why. One of the monastery's two churches are built under two huge rocks that make the roof look like a cap, or two caps to be exactly. (Another anti-pirate house is here.)

Most likely the church was built right here to avoid detection. (As if it was not enough that it was inaccessible.) A narrow small flight of steps leads up to a narrow little door, you have to duck to get into the church itself, the door is so small that even my wife, Camilla, felt like a giant when she walked through the door of the tiny church.

Do not miss this oasis, not only for the caps, the entire area breathes serenity and harmony. Here is a small café where you can sit down and wonder about the caps.

Church of Theoktistis.

The church with two caps in the monastery Theoktistis.

Monastery Theoktistis. Ikaria.

The peaceful monastery.

The church with two caps in the monastery Theoktistis.

One of the churches at Theoktistis monastery. The monastery is situated between Armenistis and Evdilos and is well signposted.

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