Livadia beach on Ikaria

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Livadia beach lies just next to Armenistis and is in my opinion the best beach on Ikaria with fine golden sand and inviting blue-green water.

The beach is not as long as the neighbouring beach of Messakti, otherwise they are quite similar. There are sun beds and umbrellas for rent, and there is both taverna and snack bar, and of course a lagoon with half-domestic freshwater turtles.

A projecting rock separates Livadia beach from Messakti beach. It is possible to walk between the beaches, via the road or over the rock.

Where the beach ends, at a flight of steps leading up to Armenistis, lies a small sandy beach which get crowded early.

On the hill between Livadia and Messakti are several pensions. Read more about it on the page about Armenistis.

Small Livadia beach. Ikaria.

The small beach just before Livadia beach.

Livadia beach and Armenistis.

Livadia beach, and Armenistis in the background.

Livadia beach as seen from Armenistis.

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